Taylor Otwell: Laravel 7 Will Move Auth Controllers into UI Package

Taylor Otwell: Laravel 7 Will Move Auth Controllers into UI Package

I’ve been listening to Laravel Snippet podcast by Taylor Otwell, and heard some news about upcoming Laravel 7, which I think is pretty important for blog readers to know. So, changes are coming to Auth scaffolding.

Quoting Taylor, that’s exactly what he said:

I’ve been working on scaffolding for Laravel. In Laravel 7, I think all the Auth Controllers, that are currently shipped in the app/ directory, will be part of the laravel/ui repository, which is where all the views currently live. That also consolidates it all together and cleans up the default framework install out-of-the-box.

And then also the Auth Routes will be a Macro that is Macroed into Laravel by the laravel/ui package, so that also will not be present out of the box.

There really won’t be any noticeable difference, if you have a Laravel 6 application and you upgrade to Laravel 7, you’ll just make sure that you have laravel/ui package installed, and any new Laravel 7 applications, if you do laravel new project –auth, you will have all the authentication controllers there.

It’s not really a big difference for people, but it just cleans it up by default, and what I really wanted to do is to lay the ground work for some better scaffolding, that I want to work on, going into the next year, with things like Tailwind, Inertia, Livewire.