Sending & Sniffing WLAN Beacon Frames using Scapy

Sending & Sniffing WLAN Beacon Frames using Scapy

Hi everyone! Over the summers I did research on Wi-Fi and part of my research involved sending and receiving different kinds of IEEE 802.11 packets. I did most of this stuff using Scapy so I thought why not create a tutorial about it? When I started my research I had to look through multiple online articles/tutorials in order to get started with Scapy. In order to save you time I am going to bring you up-to speed by running you through a short tutorial.

Goal: Our end goal is to create two scripts. The first script will send WLAN beacon frames and the second script will intercept those beacon frames. Both of these scripts will be running on two different systems. We want to be able to send beacon frames from one system and intercept them from the second one.

For those of you who don’t know what a beacon frame is (Wikipedia):

Beacon frame is one of the management frames in IEEE 802.11 based WLANs. It contains all the information about the network. Beacon frames are transmitted periodically, they serve to announce the presence of a wireless LAN and to synchronise the members of the service set. Beacon frames are transmitted by the access point(AP) in an infrastructure basic service set (BSS). In IBSS network beacon generation is distributed among the stations.

Sending Beacon frames:

from __future__ import print_function
from scapy.all

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