Qodana Clone Finder: Early Access Program


In December 2020, we announced the EAP for Qodana, which is rapidly evolving into a comprehensive platform that allows companies to perform multi-level evaluations of the quality of code they own, contract, or purchase.

Qodana helps you detect bugs without relying on an IDE, either on a local machine or a build server, and it is designed to be seamlessly integrated into CI/CD pipelines. In addition to delivering static analysis for automated project-level evaluations, the Qodana team is developing additional audit features. One of them is Clone Finder, which looks for duplicates in software repositories.

Why is this important? Code duplication and reuse present several problems and risks:
Penalties for the unlicensed use of third-party code
Excessive project maintenance costs due to overgrown codebases
Increased security risks because fixing detected vulnerabilities across all instances of the copied code can be difficult
Clone Finder is designed to prevent these problems rather than face the consequences down the line. By supporting CI integration, the tool makes clone detection a routine check and makes it possible to find borrowed code before it can lead to trouble.
A sample report
Clone Finder’s UI provides a variety of features that make the analysis more helpful and convenient:
A sunburst diagram offers a quick overview of the problems detected.




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