Planning a Faster Future at the Python Language Summit — The Real Python Podcast

Jul 16, 2021 58m

Do you wonder what the future may hold for the Python language? Are there speed improvements coming soon? What if you could be in the room while the core developers discuss Python’s future? This week on the show, we have Joanna Jablonski, who was invited to the Python Language Summit 2021 as a journalist to summarize and document the event.

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A small group of core developers from the Python community gather to work toward a healthy future for the language. Through presentations and group discussions, they share insights, ideas, and potential problems.
Joanna has been the executive editor at Real Python and she was invited to write a series of blog posts for the Python Software Foundation (PSF) that summarize the presentations and deeper conversations of the summit. We walk through the two days and discuss the topics covered.
Several of the presentations focused on performance and speeding up CPython. There were conversations about packaging, documentation, the standard library, handling exceptions, testing, and more.

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