Issue 19: React Native 0.51. 0.51 Highlights, Android Lock Pattern… | by Wyatt McBain

Do you write React Native or JavaScript articles and want to be featured in our blog? Reach out to and we’ll review your submiReact Native 0.51React Native was tagged with 0.51 this week. You can catch the full release notes here but here are some highlights:New styling rules for padding, margin, and bordervisible-password for TextInput.keyboardType on AndroidPartial rounded border support 👏🏻Learn how to reproduce the Android lock pattern in React Native and Expo from Audy Tanudjaja. Note: If you’ve already ejected from Expo or used initto create your app you’ll want to look for the react-native-svg project to complete this example.Learn how to build an Instagram clone with this great tutorial from Samee Siddiqui.A lot of good tips on setting up an awesome development environment similar to the one we use everyday with React Native from Brad Dunn.Pixel–perfect, native–looking typographic styles for React NativeExperimental scripts for create-react-native-app for ReasonML 👀Adds an option to the React Native debug menu to show you the contents of AsyncStorageReact Native Themes from Strap UIGet your next React Native project up and running fast with a great theme from Strap UI. Check out their awesome options including eCommerce, Dating, and Taxi app themes and starters. 📱Everyone should know at least a bit of color theory and this great article from Justin Baker gets you started.Excellent case study from Johny vino on a car parking app.




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