Issue 18: 🐞 Apple Bug Week 🐛. High Performance Animations, React 16… | by Wyatt McBain

Do you write React Native or JavaScript articles and want to be featured in our blog? Reach out to and we’ll review your submission. ✌🏻Great start of a series from Antoine Hanriat on high performance animations with scroll behaviors.Awesome set of animations done in React Native with source code from GeekyAnts.Great article on Error Boundaries in React/React Native from Bene Studio.Great article on how React & React Native handle events, from Nicolas Couvrat.Learn how to deliver push notification with Firebase Cloud Functions with this tutorial from Alexi Christakis.Allow the user to choose the maps app of their choice with this project.Interesting image component that allows you set annotation on an image that can be zoomed in on.Example TypeScript React Native project with mobile and web targets.A couple of regressions with React Native were found with SDK 23 so the Expo team released a minor update this week:Fix for horizontal ScrollViews in AndroidSplashScreen fixesGet your next React Native project up and running fast with a great theme from Strap UI. Check out their awesome options including eCommerce, Dating, and Taxi app themes and starters. 📱Nice little spin on a common Redux pattern from Justin Tulk.We user redux-observable for epic in our project at work, this tutorial from Simen Andresen gets you started.I love the Muzli Blog and follow these two digests each week.




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